#2 – 9 Lives


Skin  {alterego} Cassie – Rose Tone {Group Gift}

Eyes {.ARISE.} Lana Eyes – Blue

Hair {*Besom} Glam Kitten – Essentials

Face Mask {*Besom} Glam Kitten – Essentials

Collar {(epia)} Frilly Collar

Tattoo {INFECTED} Henna Tattoo

Gloves {BLUEBERRY} Devil Gloves – Dark Side Gacha

Cigarette Holder {Eclectic Randomness} ER Cigarette Holder – Black

Body Suit {REIGN} Glam Claws Collection

Boots {REIGN} Glam Claws Collection

I’m putting my black mask on
My time is midnight let’s go!
Night robbers, killers look out!
The cat is coming looking for a danger watch out!

I’m the one who feels your dreams
Lie, deception and your fears
Many names from whore to swam
I’m a Catwoman, I’m a Catwoman!
In my eyes you see green light
Temper’s hot like dynamite
Nine lives, freedom, perfect plan
I’m a Catwoman, I’m a Catwoman!

No one can change my own way
If there’s a game, then I play
I’m women’s idol, men’s dream
But they don’t know when there’s a day
I desperatly scream
Believe in my words, they’re true
Sometimes I’m lonely like you
But we’ve got difference you’ll see
I’m not afraid of solitude, that’s why
You’ll never be me!

Anastasia Midnight – Catwoman


#1 – Drunk On Shadows


Eyes { .ARISE. } ARISE – Lana Eyes / Pink

Hair { TRUTH } – Polilla – variety

Wings { BLUEBERRY } BLUEBERRY – Oakley Gacha – Silver Wings

Tattoo { .::INFECTED::. } INFECTED – Henna Tattoo

Bikini { #EMPIRE } Blairkini – Maitreya – White at EPIPHANY

Jewlery { *PROMAGIC* } Naari – UltraRare

Hiding underneath
The veil of broken dreams
We find her weeping
On her once white wings
She will be carrying the weight of our deeds
And she bleeds for love
Forever gone
Drunk on shadows and lost in a lie
Killing ourselves a kiss at a time
Devils dance while angels smile
Drunk on shadows and lost in life