#10 ~ Can’t Help Myself, From Hurting You When It’s Hurting Me


So the holidays and RL has made me kinda fall behind on my blogging unfortunately. I had been posting 1 a day and have quite a few items that I hope to catch up on and this outfit happens to be one of them.  In both our RL and SL lives we all have those moments that we feel like nothing we do is correct, that we hurt those around us even without meaning to.  Sometimes we feel that maybe it would be better if we were by ourselves so we couldn’t watch the pain that our actions cause even when we have the best of intentions in mind.

These past few weeks have been a trying and hard to handle to say the very least. Seems like no matter what appears to be the best solution to the challenges that are being faced, someone always gets hurt. It’s even harder when you have people around you who put you on a pedestal and think so highly of you and yet you push them away.  It’s not from wanting to hurt them but just the exact opposite.  Sometimes there are people who walk into your life and change it so drastically in a way you never knew you craved or needed.  Yet instead of surrendering yourself you build a wall and push them away not only to protect yourself but them as well. 

As you can tell from previous blogs I always tend to have a “theme song” for that said blog. It could be a song that fits my mood at the time of blogging, a song that inspired that specific blog, or even just a song that I want to share with everyone. This weeks song is pretty much all 3 reasons combined. One very specific lyric that i can relate to is “I’ll tear you down, I’ll make you bleed eternally, Can’t help myself, From hurting you when it’s hurting me”.  Kinda sums up everything going on at the moment not just with myself but with a lot of people. When we as humans hurt we tend to hurt those closest to us, I guess that’s why we aren’t all angels though……

  Anyways back to this AMAZING outfit from last months Fantasy Fair Gacha.  I love the simplicity yet elegance this whole Gacha set embodied.  It is sexy yet elegant and embodies everything a beautiful set of silks should embody. Below are the credentials to this amazing outfit. Enjoy ❤


Body {Maitreya} Lara Body v3.5

Head {CATWA} Mesh Head ~ Alice

Shape {Mine}

Skin {Plastik Flagship} Yule – Femme (Madpea Advent Gift)

Eyes {Zombie Suicide} Ghostly Eyes

Hair {Truth} Irena w/Bangs (VIP GROUP GIFT)

Ears {BentBox} Sylvan Ears

Headpiece {Luas} Iriana Gacha Accessories Set 1 – Rare

Choker {Luas} Iriana Gacha Accessories Set 2 – Rare

Gloves {Luas) Iriana Gacha Accessories Set 2 – Rare

Thighband {Luas} Iriana Gacha Accessories Set – Rare

Skirt {Luas} Iriana Gacha Skirt Purple – Common

Top {Luas} Iriana Gacha Top Purple – Common

Rings {RealEvil Industries} Raven RIngs Set Slink Casual

Anklet {D-Style} Palemonia Anklet


You made a mistake
On the day that you met me and lost your way
You saw all the signs
But you let it go
You closed your eyes
I should of told you to leave
‘Cause I knew all the time you couldn’t handle me
But you’re hard to resist
When you’re on your knees
Begging me

I’ll tear you down
I’ll make you bleed eternally
Can’t help myself
From hurting you when it’s hurting me
I don’t have wings
To fly with me won’t be easy
‘Cause I’m not an angel
I’m not an angel

Hate being that wall
That you hit when you feel like you gave it all
I keep taking the blame
When we both know that I’ll never change

I’ll tear you down
I’ll make you bleed eternally
Can’t help myself
From hurting you when it’s hurting me
I don’t have wings
To fly with me won’t be easy
‘Cause I’m not an angel
I’m not an angel

I wasn’t always this way
I used to be the one with the halo
But that disappeared when I had my first taste
And fell from grace
It left me in this place
I’m starting to think maybe you like it

I’ll tear you down
I’ll make you bleed eternally
Can’t help myself
From hurting you when it’s hurting me
I don’t have wings
To fly with me won’t be easy
‘Cause I’m not an angel
I’m not an angel

Halestorm – I’m Not An Angel

#9 ~ You Don’t Need to Bother; I Don’t Need to Be

Blog 9 post.png

So I’ve decided to start something new with my blogs and not just simply credit the designers but also do a bit of actual blogging as well, so hopefully this goes well and ya’ll don’t hate my random ramblings of my crazy mind.

This week has been a crazy week for new releases in SL from The Aracade (Outfits from the previous post as well as new posts can be found there), Chapter 4, Crossroads, Suicide Dolls (which is featured here in this post) and so many more I am officially tapped out in SL funds because the designers have out done themselves this month. I was actually doing my normal 2 hours of trying to get dressed on the 4th when SeraphimSL dropped the notice of all the goodies Suicide Dolls had JUST opened up with and saw the headpiece that is featured in this blog and decided to coordinate an entire look based around it. 

After discovering the headpiece by Glampire, I was inspired to design a dark and somber, yet sexy and interesting look.  The majority of my inspiration came from the Suicide Dolls round because of all the amazing items they had this time from the amazing socks that were found in the Zombie Suicide booth, to the sexy and unique tattoo from an interesting store’s booth called This Is Wrong. Needless to say the round of items were amazing all together as always especially for those days when you just need to let your inner demons show.


Body {Maitreya} Lara Body v3.5

Head {CATWA} Mesh Head – Alice

Shape {Mine}

Skin {alterego} Aaisling – Sunkissed (Group Gift)

Eyes {Zombie Suicide} Ghostly Eyes @ Suicide Dolls

Lipstick {Zombie Suicide} Galaxy Lips @Suicide Dolls

Hair {Spellbound} Sacred Rite //Chapter 3 : Magic

Headpiece {Glampire} Dark Empress Horns Deluxe (Silver) @ Suicide Dolls

Nose Chain {Glampire} Akaesha Nose Chain @ Suicide Dolls

Choker {Glampire} Akaesha Choker (Silver) @ Suicide Dolls

Bodysuit {Suicide Undead} Daeva Bodysuit – 01

Tattoo {This Is Wrong} Swirl Tattoo @ Suicide Dolls

Socks {Zombie Suicide} Maggie Socks @ Suicide Dolls

Rings {Kibitz} Olzen Ring Set Onyx


Wish I was too dead to cry
My self-affliction fades
Stones to throw at my creator
Masochists to which I cater
You don’t need to bother;
I don’t need to be
I’ll keep slipping farther
But once I hold on,
I won’t let go ’til it bleeds
Wish I was too dead to care
If indeed I cared at all
Never had a voice to protest
So you fed me shit to digest
I wish I had a reason;
my flaws are open season
For this, I gave up trying
One good turn deserves my dying

#8 ~ Guys My Age Don’t Know How To Treat Me


Body {Maitreya} Lara Body v3.5

Head {CATWA} Alice Mesh Head

Shape {Mine} Custom Shapes by Kiki

Skin {alterego} Aaisling – Sunkissed (Group Gift)

Eyes {SONG} Cult – Ocean Eye

Hair {TRUTH} Sugar w/Bangs (VIP Group Gift)

Earrings {LaGyo} Stars Earring – Silver

Dress {Blueberry} Show Time Gacha #2 *Queen* – Rare @ Decembers Arcade Round

Jacket {Blueberry} Show Time Gacha #4 *Queen* – Rare @ Decembers Arcade Round

Shoes {Blueberry} Show Time Gacha #5 – Nel Shoes – Rare @ Decembers Arcade Round

‘Cause you hold me like a woman
In a way I’ve never felt before
And it makes me wanna hold on
And it makes me wanna be all yours

Guys my age don’t know how to treat me
Don’t know how to treat me, don’t know how to treat me
Guys my age don’t know how to touch me
Don’t know how to love me good
Guys my age don’t know how to keep me
Don’t know how to keep me, don’t know how to keep me
Guys my age don’t know how to touch me
Don’t know how to love me good

All he ever wanted was to go down
What we supposed to do with all his friends around? (yeah)
Smoking weed, he’d never wanna leave the house
Got an empty cushion on that sofa now

Told him, “good luck with the next one”
Maybe she’ll be just as immature
Gotta thank him, he’s the reason
That I’ll find out what I’m looking for

Guys My Age ~ Hey Violet

#7 ~ Just A Gamer Girl, In a Barbie World

So what do you do when one of your closest Second Life friends of 4 years is a designer and makes an amazing kick ass gamer girl collar? Welp, you blog it DUH!!! I saw this collar (Yes it is even RLV scripted,  YAYS!!!) and KNEW right away I was going to have to make a blog specifically around this collar.  Its not everyday you find a blinged out Pokemon/Nintendo themed collar to sport around so I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do. If your interested in purchasing this collar or even having a collar designed (Scripted or not) be sure you check out Wild Ice’s founder, BalthazarGoodwing Resident in world for all your blinged out needs


Body {Maitreya} Lara Body v3.5

Head {Catwa} Alice Mesh Head

Shape {Mine} Custom Shapes by Kiki

Skin {alterego} Jolie – Rose

Eyes {MUDSKIN} Bambi Eyes #15

Hair {TRUTH} Jinx – Colors

Collar {Wild Ice} ..::W/S::..GamerGirl

Bubble Gum {PF} Yum Bubblegum!

Undies {MONCLER} Bikini Super Mario

Socks {*MUKA*} Thigh Socks

Pose(s) {pose+ivity} Kayla5 & Kayla6

Sim {The 8-Bit Area}

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#6 ~ Voodoo


Hair ~ {*barberyumyum} 710 – Black

Eyes ~ {SONG} Cult//Ocean Eye @ {The Coven}

Head Piece ~ {.::Supernatural::.} Rayne Brown/Black @ {The Coven} (Gacha – Common)

Earrings ~ {ERSCH} Devil’s Dreamcatcher Earrings @ {The Coven}

Piercing ~ {SU!} – -SU!- Medusa Piercing (Group Gift)

Watch ~ {Bens Beauty} – Dakota Watch Combin (Black)

Scarf/Shirt ~ {SU!} Double Layer T-Shirt 06

Leggings ~ {CandyDoll} Raven Leggings Black @ {FaMESHed}

Pose ~ {//elephante poses//} Witchcraft @ {The Coven}

Candles raise my desire
Why I’m so far away
No more meaning to my life
No more reason to stay
Freezing feeling
Breathe in, breathe in
I’m coming back again

I’m not the one who’s so far away
When I feel the snake bite enter my veins
Never did I wanna be here again
And I don’t remember why I came

Hazing clouds rain on my head
Empty thoughts fill my ears
Find my shade by the moon light
Why my thoughts aren’t so clear
Demons dreaming
Breathe in, breathe in
I’m coming back again

Godsmack – Voodoo

#5 ~I’ll Never Be Her


SKIN ~ {alterego} Aaisling – Sunkissed {Group Gift}

EYES ~ {MUDSKIN} Bambie Eyes #12

HAIR ~ {monso} My Hair – Momo / Mixed @ {FaMESHed}

EARRINGS ~ {LaGyo} LaGyo_Stars Earrings- Silver @ {FaMESHed}

NECKLACE ~ {.:EMO-tions:.} *ABIGAIL Multi-Necklace


DRESS ~ {!Rebel Hope Designs} Tiffany Mesh Sweater Dress – Red @ {FaMESHed}

LEGGINGS ~ {F’N’Hawt Womens Apparel} FnH Yoga Leggings Black

BOOTS ~ {Glam Affair} Autumn Studded Boots Caramel Latte @ {FaMESHed}

I miss you when I can’t sleep
Or right after coffee
Or right when I can’t eat
I miss you in my front seat
Still got sand in my sweaters
From nights we don’t remember
Do you miss me like I miss you?
Fucked around and got attached to you
Friends can break your heart too, and
I’m always tired but never of you
If I pulled a you on you, you wouldn’t like that shit
I put this real out, but you wouldn’t bite that shit
I type a text but then I nevermind that shit
I got these feelings but you never mind that shit
Oh oh, keep it on the low
You’re still in love with me but your friends don’t know
If u wanted me you would just say so
And if I were you, I would never let me go
I don’t mean no harm
I just miss you on my arm
Wedding bells were just alarms
Caution tape around my heart
You ever wonder what we could have been?
You said you wouldn’t and you fucking did
Lie to me, lie with me, get your fucking fix
Now all my drinks and all my feelings are all fucking mixed
Always missing people that I shouldn’t be missing
Sometimes you gotta burn some bridges just to create some distance
I know that I control my thoughts and I should stop reminiscing
But I learned from my dad that it’s good to have feelings
When love and trust are gone
I guess this is moving on
Everyone I do right does me wrong
So every lonely night, I sing this song

Gnash ~ i hate u, i love u

#4 -We Will Never Be Royals


SKIN {alterego} aaisling – Sunkissed {Group Gift}

EYES {[MUDSKIN]} Bambi Eyes #12

HAIR {*Besom} Baby Face – Ultra Rare (Gacha)

GLASSES {ROLE OPTIC} Role Optic Glasses – Ares1 (women)

NECKLACE {mE} Llium Necklace // GOLD

OUTFIT {Milk Tea} Shiloh – White


SHOES {N-Core} KNOTTED “White” for Slink HIGH Feet

Everybody’s like:
Diamonds on your timepiece
Jet planes
Tigers on a gold leash
We don’t care, we aren’t caught up in your love affair
And we’ll never be royals 
It don’t run in our blood
That kind of lux just ain’t for us, we crave a different kind of buzz
Let me be your ruler 
You can call me queen bee
And baby I’ll rule, I’ll rule, I’ll rule, I’ll rule
Let me live that fantasy

#3 – Black Widow


Skin { Lumae } Adore – lanthe//Ursula (Gacha)

Eyes { ~*By Snow*~ } Black Spider Eyes/Tattoos

Mouth Spider { !The Elegant Goth Gothic Wear } Creep Mouth Spider

Hair { +Spellbound+ } Sacred Rite//Chapter 3 – Magic

Crown { +Spellbound+ } Sacred Rite Crown

Choker { Salt & Pepper } S&P Arachnophilia Choker – Black

Bra { BLUEBERRY } Oakley – Black Bra #10 (Gacha)

Arm Jewelry { BLUEBERRY } Oakley – #22 – Black (Gacha)

Body Harness { ..:::Dirty Princess:::.. } Amazing Sexy Princess Harness

Panties { Salt & Pepper } S&P Arachnophilia Pantie – Black (Gacha)

Boots {::SWEET DREAMS::}  SpiderWeb Outfit

Spider Legs { Salt & Pepper } S&P Arachnophilia Spider Legs GOTG (Gacha)

I don’t know how I got here
But we cannot get out
I’m surrounded by strangers
As the music starts to pound
I see the bodies slowly swayin’
Movin’ side to side
I feel the animal is rising
As I slowly come alive
So everybody starts to move now
I wanna see you all give way
I wanna tear this place apart tonight
And have you thank me for my rage
Tell me what you came for
Can I give you just a taste?
I wanna see you lose your fucking minds
And rip apart this place
Let me see you move your bodies 
I’ll tear you apart
I’ll feed off your heart
I wanna see your bodies grinding just for me
I’m just what you need, the perfect disease
Don’t you wanna turn the beauty into the beast?


#2 – 9 Lives


Skin  {alterego} Cassie – Rose Tone {Group Gift}

Eyes {.ARISE.} Lana Eyes – Blue

Hair {*Besom} Glam Kitten – Essentials

Face Mask {*Besom} Glam Kitten – Essentials

Collar {(epia)} Frilly Collar

Tattoo {INFECTED} Henna Tattoo

Gloves {BLUEBERRY} Devil Gloves – Dark Side Gacha

Cigarette Holder {Eclectic Randomness} ER Cigarette Holder – Black

Body Suit {REIGN} Glam Claws Collection

Boots {REIGN} Glam Claws Collection

I’m putting my black mask on
My time is midnight let’s go!
Night robbers, killers look out!
The cat is coming looking for a danger watch out!

I’m the one who feels your dreams
Lie, deception and your fears
Many names from whore to swam
I’m a Catwoman, I’m a Catwoman!
In my eyes you see green light
Temper’s hot like dynamite
Nine lives, freedom, perfect plan
I’m a Catwoman, I’m a Catwoman!

No one can change my own way
If there’s a game, then I play
I’m women’s idol, men’s dream
But they don’t know when there’s a day
I desperatly scream
Believe in my words, they’re true
Sometimes I’m lonely like you
But we’ve got difference you’ll see
I’m not afraid of solitude, that’s why
You’ll never be me!

Anastasia Midnight – Catwoman